We have a purposeful way of doing projects and business. 

We challenge the status quo. We believe there are no standard answers for standard problems. We are working with many different clients in several countries in a wide range of sectors and industries.

One-size-fits-all solution doesn’t really work. 

We have 2 key areas of expertise: MEANINGFUL RESEARCH AND PURPOSEFUL innovation.


a)FORESIGHT: Anticipating Future Directions

We explore trends in
consumption, markets and cultures and actively facilitate our clients in translating
trends into concepts for branding, marketing, and new product development.

Identifying and understanding trends and future developments help companies
discover future areas of growth, make strategic decisions and improve business performance overall. 


We identify consumer needs that are not yet fulfilled, test and optimize concepts before launch, support our clients in planning and executing campaigns to hit specific goals. We inspire visions based on people's real lives.

Understanding people’s habits, values, desires and beliefs is of paramount strategic value, especially in the early stages of new product development, brand or marketing innovation. 


A) PASSION+PURPOSE+POTENTIAL Empowering People to Innovate

From ideation to execution, we unleash the generative energy of the employees and give the toolset and framework necessary to overcome barriers and to generate fresh thinking and connections.

Creating an inspiring and collaborative environment within the company makes a big difference to build and sustain a culture supportive of innovation and creativity. 



We show how to create a platform for growth and innovation which sustains an open culture and open collaboration. We support organizations in designing custom learning programs, processes, tools and methods that to best leverage the creative potential of your people and of your company.

Companies with engaged employees, are the real winners.

Innovation  Research: 

The Map

Innovation Workshops: 

The Directions

Innovation  Salons:    

The Exchange


We help you to ask the right questions to find the right answers through genuine and real conversations. 

We tap into the knowledge of our global network to conduct groundbreaking research studies.

We give you a profound understanding of future possibilities, people’s mindsets, behaviors, and unmet needs. We help you see and create future directions. We empower people to think in radical terms, to get down to the root. 

We partner with you to build the capabilities and an ideal environment for sustaining meaningful innovation.

We design, organize and facilitate co-creation sessions that ignite your imagination and unleash your full creative potential. 

We provide you a robust set of techniques useful to spark and improve creativity within your organization.  We help create a culture of radical openness, radical interconnectness, radical collaboration. 

We build a fruitful ecosystem in which people are inspired and motivated to create and imagine.

We deliver insightful, and experiential presentations or keynote speeches that inspire you, set ideas in motion and catalyze change.

We unlock your creative potential.  We show powerful connections of ideas. We enhance people's ability to see above and beyond. The sum is more than its parts.