We transform this information into an actionable, integral and business oriented body of knowledge.  

We make sense of information from multiple sources. We design and conduct our projects using a combination of multiple methodologies. A mixed method approach ensures the possible limitations of one type of data are balanced by the strengths of another.  

We provide our clients with a robust set of techniques useful to spark and improve creativity within the company. We coach teams, executives, senior managers and high potentials to enable them to further develop new skills for thinking outside the box and generate fresh ideas. We help create a climate of respect and trust, a ideal environment for sustaining creative thinking efforts. We enable people to think and work together, remove filters and build on ideas. We know that the physical environment that surrounds us is key to our imagination, for this reason we set the perfect stage for nurturing innovation.



Our process. From task to solution, a truly ingenious and artistic journey. 

We design highly interactive and experiential sessions that allow our client team to get the most out of their knowledge and experience. Our 7-steps action-oriented and collaborative process combines analytical and creative thinking skills in order to facilitates our client team in defining task, creatively gathering knowledge and perspectives from different unconventional sources, decoding findings, and turning insights into ideas. 

Our approach. That can only be radical. 

We show how to generate, analyze, evaluate ideas and transform them into actions using a Radical Thinking Approach based on a combination of multiple methodologies and techniques, such as Synectics Problem Solving Methodology  (G.M. Prince/W J.J. Gordon), Whole Brain Model (N. Herrmann), the Theory of Multiple Intelligences (H. Gardner) and Design Thinking Approach (D.M. Kelley). Radical Thinking Approach is designed to help leaders, teams and organizations fully unleash the full spectrum of thinking available and improve their creativity and innovation capabilities.


Forget long Blah blah blah, We go straight to the point.

Foresight &  Trend research

We gather, collect and analyze relevant information both qualitative and quantitative from a variety of sources.

We help our clients develop
strategies for growth based on emerging future directions and deep understanding of people from different cultural groups. We give an in-depth view of the driving forces and emerging trends that will shape the markets of the near future.

We analyze and visualize how these trends impact business and influence individual consumption patterns.

= We bring only the most inspiring and thought-provoking findings together. 

Cultural & Semiotic Analysis  

We analyze cultures, narratives, stories, value systems, codes and symbols. We investigate sign systems and the modes of representation that people use to express thoughts, feelings, ideas, and ideologies.

We explore the key differences and similarities between cultures. We show how to reinforce or rejuvenate your brands, products and communications.

= We give you practical recommendations for designing, redesigning and optimizing your products and services.

Ethnographic Research

It is often the case that what is not being said actually reveals the true need. We help understand what makes a culture unique or interesting, we tell the story of people and explore them in their “natural setting”. At home or at work, online or offline. 

We listen to what people say, but also to what they don’t say. Unspoken things may reveal true needs. In linking what people say to what they actually do, ethnography helps to avoid the pitfalls of relying only on focus-group data or interviews. 

= We show how to engage with people on a more emotional level, to build authentic relationships and meet people’s real needs.