We have been pioneering the use of a fluid, agile and open organizational structure since 2003.

We started radicalfuture already more than 10 years ago, we are now internationally recognized for our ability to move ideas from the ‘mind‘ into the 'heart' market through a rooted understanding and systemic knowledge of people's needs and future developments.

Our work is built around a flexible, interdisciplinary project team model, with our founder and supervisors providing leadership, guidance, and coordination. We offer global reach and perspective as well as local know-how and connections. We select the right people who are in the right place at the right time and have the right skills, know-how and experience. We work together, whether as an international team or a more specific standalone local team. Through this way of working we are extremely efficient and cost-effective. work.

: fast and fluid way of working
: always time and cost effective
: extreme open collaboration
: radical co*creation

: interdisciplinary
: transcultural
: only high skilled people
: only top expertise
: global or standalone local team

Supervisory Team: Where the Mind Meets the Heart 


< IlariaForte >  


Ilaria Forte is the founder of radicafuture. Ilaria Forte is a social scientist, cultural and cognitive semiotician, inspirational speaker, futurist, and top executive trainer. Ilaria has travelled the world from west to east exploring, initiating and developing social, creative and radical initiatives. Her interest lies in understanding how the choices people make in their everyday lives individually and collectively change our future. Ilaria has worked with a wide range of international clients, such as The Walt Disney Company, Unilever, MTV, and Ipsos.  She advises companies and organizations on the future, with a major emphasis on how to profitably translate emerging trends and insights into meaningful new products, brands and marketing strategies. Ilaria is an inspirational facilitator and speaker, she enjoys applying her expertise to develop and lead game-changing research and creative programs for visionary managers and enlightened business leaders. Ilaria is an active member of many international Think/Do Tanks and participate in international sessions about social innovation, women's economic empowerment and inclusive growth, sustainability, impact investing, new leadership. 

< Indra Musiol > 


Indra is a communication specialist, creative entrepreneur and innovation facilitator. Born in the very north, she is now based in Berlin where she lives with her family. After graduating in journalism and communication science, politics and English studies, she started her professional career as an editor at tv station SAT.1. Driven by a passion for communication and creativity, she then joined fischerAppelt, the leading German agency group in all content-related matters and integrated communication. Her career developed quickly from trainee, to account manager in Berlin and assistant to the executive board in Hamburg. Based on this experience she founded public link, a PR agency specializing in market launches for international companies doing business in Germany. Amongst her clients were companies such as AUDI, Expedia, Wyndham Hotel Group, Interface, Vueling or E.J. Gallo Winery.  In 2015 she sold her shares after 12 years as managing partner and is today working as a freelance innovation facilitator, communication consultant and English-German copywriter. Indra likes to think of her work as a mission to help people, teams and companies to develop an innovative and conscious organizational culture, and create an environment of continuous and unconstrained flow of ideas.

Michaela Vieser 


Michaela gains her insights from a strict ethics of research. She pours her knowledge into books (bestsellers, longsellers and topsellers), radio features for German National Radio/ BBC Radio 4 and inspires with talks on topics, that, in the words of Lars von Trier, should be of interest to anyone: work culture, love, religion, mindmaps. Her last book, an ethnographic and socio-biological view on love rituals around the world, was presented to the German President on World Book Day by the Association of German Bookbinders. Her life and her stories are the motor that take her to places and encounters: she has done a radio series on the Future of Reading in Japan, produced the first children audio play in Swahili (together with children of Kibera slum in Nairobi), lived for a year in a Japanese Buddhist monastery and has entered the Altai mountains in search of a myth that inspired Russian space travel. 

She has graduated from SOAS in London and Tohoku University with a degree in Japanese Studies and Oriental History of Art, created a youth platform for NTT that was acclaimed as the “most exciting youth portal”, won a documentary film award for her film “Tokyo Love Stories” and was just granted a scholarship by Robert-Bosch-Stiftung.

She gives lectures at the Bertelsmann Stiftung, the Volksbühne, various universities and has been invited to the Year end conference of the chaos computer club. At the moment she works on a script for a VR film.

Emma Luten.png



Having worked with Innovation and Creativity over the last 25 years Emma Luten is one of the pioneers in this field. With her strong passion for different cultures she works with her multinational clients all over the world. Her personal style and actions are catalytic: driving people and organisations to stretch their potential and to increase their problem solving and idea generation skills. Her client group is very diverse amongst them are Coca-Cola, Cargill, Canon, ENI, Glaxo, Mars, Nato, Dutch Police, Dutch Navy, Nestle, Shell, BAT, Unilever, Pernod Ricard, KPMG, Campbell, International School of Brussels, ABNAMRO and Philips. Increased competitive advantage is one of the most valued results of her activities.

Most of her assignments deal with innovation and the management of change, coaching managers for better performance , brand- and product development and collaborative innovation (exploration and development of joint project partnerships).

Her workdays are filled with a variety of facilitating services at top management level, cultural change programs, creative problem solving and innovative teamwork. After joining Synectics Inc. (Cambridge Mass.) in 1985 and having opened, as a partner, their office in Amsterdam she has started her own company in 2009.