Our story

We started radicalfuture already more than 10 years ago, we are now internationally recognized for our ability to move ideas from the ‘mind‘ into the market through a rooted understanding of people's needs and future developments. 

What do people do? Why people do what they do? What do people value in life? What do people believe in? The more we understand about it, the more we can inspire you. Our insights and our findings are your inspiration. We conduct research to better understand human nature and future developments, how individuals and the societies in which they live are and will be. 

Our philosophy

Stay curious. Keep your mind wide open. Keep moving forward. Continuously design cutting-edge research tools and innovation labs to discover more about how people live, think, feel, act, create, and communicate in a changing world. Today and tomorrow.

Our vision

Help companies create better products, services and business processes through research, innovation roadmap and open collaboration.

Our mission

Reinvent and expand the role of research to actively support business leaders who want to create radically good products and services, add true value to people's lives and serve even better the real customer's need.

Our value proposition

Merge knowledge and experience to inspire business evolution or revolution. From ordinary to extraordinary. 

Our beliefs

Research goes far beyond data, numbers, statistics and facts. Real people and their real life stories inspire inventiveness and spark innovation. More than presenting information we love to share stories in active, experimental, and experiential ways.

Our impact

Our impact on our world depends largely on collaboration and how committed we are to translate ideas into effective solutions and visions into specific actions. Briefly said, we transform thinking in doing.